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Debt collection

Today, the issues of debt repayment through the arbitration court are the most common litigation. Despite the apparent simplicity of the procedure, debt collection in the arbitration court should be handled by qualified and experienced lawyers.

Debt recovery lawyer-a specialist who has a sufficient range of legal knowledge to eliminate debt to the creditor, both in court and in pre-trial order. Debt collection from legal entities is a complex legal procedure, which is regulated by the norms of civil legislation. I work not the first year in the sphere of rendering similar services, and perfectly understand how it is necessary to cooperate correctly in this or that situation.

What is the procedure of debt collection?

How to recover a debt from a foreign legal entity or obtain legal funds from the founders of the LLC or JSC? First of all, you need to contact a competent specialist who will solve your problem. Many companies use various schemes of evasion from payment of debt obligations, for example it can be change of the founder, replacement of a managing structure of firm, deliberate bankruptcy.

Timely appeal to a lawyer will increase the chances of the outcome of the case in your favor and debt repayment in full.

I provide the following debt collection services:

  • legal advice
  • legal assessment of the probability of a positive outcome
  • the settlement of the dispute in the pretrial order, including the preparation and filing of the claim and participation in negotiations
  • preparation of statement of claim for the recovery of receivables and other documents, preparation of documents for the court
  • analysis and examination of the debtor
  • determination of property status and position of the debtor, collection of information on its financial situation
  • participation at all stages of debt collection litigation
  • debt recovery through the court bailiffs service
  • debt collection through the service of judicial bailiffs
  • development of other schemes of influence on the debtor on debt collection

Also, I will assist in the course of enforcement proceedings until the full execution of all orders on debt obligations. You can count on my assistance in any legal matters related to the debts of legal entities.

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