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Protection during tax audits

Tax audit is an unpleasant procedure even for prestigious companies and conscientious heads of the company. As a rule, a tax audit involves the collection and review of all documents related to taxation and the identification of tax violations. All kinds of checks often become a harbinger of serious problems, especially since many bodies are authorized to do so. Often they are violating the fundamental principle — the existence of grounds for such action.

 Scheduled tax audits are carried out regularly and require careful preparation, as the tax control must ensure that taxes and penalties are paid in good faith. Therefore, unscheduled cause more fear and anxiety. To ensure that the tax service has no complaints and questions, you should contact a tax attorney..

There are several types of tax audits. Desk audits include verification of accounting records and verification of tax payments, without personal visits. On-site inspections require more accuracy from the taxpayer, as in this case, the tax control carefully checks the documentation and reporting.

In order to avoid disputes, conflicts and stressful situations, the taxpayer should know his rights and the rights of the tax service or other bodies, as well as be able to protect his legitimate interests. The right solution to this problem will be a timely appeal to a tax attorney.

Lawyer services in tax audits

In such a difficult, stressful situation, it is important to avoid mistakes and behave correctly, to know exactly your rights and obligations. The services of a lawyer in tax audits are as follows:

  • Telephone assistance and a quick visit to the customer
  • Monitoring of verification and elimination of abuse and provocation
  • Will challenge the seizure and inspection of documents and things that are legally not subject to inspection, prevent pressure on employees and illegal retention in the room
  • Will appeal against the grounds of inspections and decisions on their results
  • The lawyer will Resolve various misunderstandings with government officials

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