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The provision of legal services to legal entities

The organization of any form of ownership needs a competent lawyer who will provide a variety of legal services Togliatti, legal support of business activities of the organization.

Most often, legal services are provided in the following areas:

  • consultations on any legal issues, where the lawyer explains the current legislation;
  • all documents prepared by the staff of the organization are subject to legal review, thereby reducing the number of papers sent for revision;
  • in all municipal and state structures, the lawyer represents and protects the interests of the organization;
  • the lawyer is responsible for conducting negotiations with contractors, business partners;
  • it is the lawyer who deals with pre-trial, judicial protection of the organization in the event that a conflict situation has arisen (prepares a claim, submits a claim to the court, participates in court hearings (representation in court), etc.).;
  • the lawyer represents the interests of the organization and at the stage of enforcement proceedings.

Subscription legal support is complex, that is, it is carried out at all stages of the organization

This includes optimization of corporate document flow, preparation of letters and commercial proposals, and participation in the shareholders ' meeting. This form of subscription service can be provided both in the form of face-to-face consultation (with departure to the company or in office of the lawyer), and in the form of communication by phone, correspondence by e-mail, by Fax. The lawyer, legally protecting the business, minimizes all the risks of the relationship between the employee and the employer.

You can apply for such a service to a law firm at any time, without waiting for the disputable situation inside the company to become problematic. Closed joint-stock companies, limited liability companies, cooperatives, partnerships and so on can also use subscription legal support.

Thus, choosing subscription legal services, the organization receives comprehensive advice on any legal issues, legal expertise and support of all internal documents, correspondence with business partners and government agencies, protection of the interests of the organization in court, as well as in negotiations with contractors, law enforcement organizations.

A lawyer providing services of escorts, has a law degree, the necessary qualifications and extensive experience, constantly maintains the required level of competence, tracking all the changes in the legislation of a General nature and is directly related to the scope of activities of the served organization.

Subscription service is convenient because the client can choose what kind of legal support he needs. But the services are provided on a long-term basis, which enables the lawyer to develop a strategy to reduce risks in the economic activities of the organization.

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