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Hereditary disputes-a common phenomenon, attempts to establish justice, to defend the rights, to challenge the will lead to a rupture of relations between relatives. Acceptance of inheritance-a complex process, accompanied by unrest, to avoid unpleasant misunderstandings, you should seek the support of a qualified lawyer. Knowledge of the law, practical experience of the lawyer- a guarantee of paperwork in strict accordance with the law.

In certain situations, the only way to resolve the dispute is the trial, because of the emotional state of the participants in the process, to achieve a positive result without qualified assistance is almost impossible.

Professionals pay attention to the time of dispute resolution, quick reaction is a component of success, cannot to postpone registration of inheritance. The advantage of a lawyer is not only in the protection of legal rights, but also the nervous system, the specialist independently passes the majority of instances, teaches clients how to behave competently in court, to prevent conflict situations.

Hereditary disputes are divided into categories:

  • disputes arising out of the inheritance, the parties are dissatisfied with the division of heirs, even if the inheritance bequeathed;
  • disinheritance;
  • restoration in court of the term of acceptance of inheritance for good reasons;
  • establishing kinship;
  • disputes about the legal part of the inheritance.

Inheritance law is closely related to the civil, family, tax, housing, land, the lawyer will have to do hard work to achieve this goal (for example, the inheritance of an apartment, house). The strategy is developed taking into account the individual characteristics of the case.

Depending on the situation, it may be necessary to provide the following legal services in cases of inheritance after death:

  • written or oral, qualified advice;
  • legal support of registration of documents;
  • preparation of claims;
  • establishment of legal facts: recognition of a citizen as deceased, proof of kinship.

A positive result is the main goals of the professional, unreasonable promises for the sake of profit are excluded. Deep knowledge in the field of inheritance law allows you to find a way out of the most difficult situations.

Attempts to independently solve problems related to inheritance are accompanied by temporary expenses; the situation is used by interested persons.

We recommend that you obtain professional advice immediately upon receipt of the news of the inheritance, not to wait for "surprises". Errors in the preparation of documents difficult to correct for reissuance will have to go through many instances. Experience with government agencies, knowledge of the order of registration of documents allow me to win the most difficult cases, quickly and competently execute documents, to protect clients from arbitrariness.

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