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Housing Lawyer

Almost any person at least once faced with the acquisition, exchange or sale of real estate. This is due to the constantly growing turnover of housing and the increasing development of the land market.

The legal field associated with the legal aspects answers a large list of questions issues related to housing:

  • everything related to mortgage lending, ways of its termination and mortgage reduction;
  • division of property (real estate) acquired in marriage;
  • obligations of persons on mortgage lending;
  • questions about third parties, as well as information about de-registration;
  • guardianship or guardianship of citizens who have limited legal capacity in relation to real estate, as well as minors;
  • the solution to the problems of citizens, illegally occupying the premises;
  • all about the order of use of premises, both residential and non-residential;
  • unauthorized construction or other work involving alterations to the premises, to legalize alterations;
  • protection of interests during housing disputes before the courts;
  • refutation of actions by the state in relation to housing and other real estate, including eviction

The above list is far from complete, because disputes in housing law, it is impossible to imagine without close reference to other legal branches, such as civil, family, hereditary, and many others..

One example is the termination of family relations with the owner of the property, in which case former family members lose their right to use the property. Exceptions are cases when the law or the agreement between people is back specified. Do not forget that this should take into account the interests of joint children, sometimes this is the reason for allowing the use of housing until all children reach adulthood.

What can you learn from judicial practice about the division of property?

The division between spouses of jointly acquired property is not a rare practice in legal relations. After the divorce, only one spouse continues to pay the loan, which can be a good reason to increase its share in the property acquired together during the marriage.

In addition, there are frequent cases of penalties against the apartment by the court, if the client does not fulfill its obligations under the mortgage agreement or the sale of the property.

It is difficult to overestimate the contribution of a legal expert in cases of this kind, because it requires a lot of work with banking institutions, experts, real estate agencies, bailiffs and a huge number of other participants in disputes arising in legal relations with real estate.

The legal specialist is obliged to reduce the personal losses of the client in cases of recovery on his property or to retain the right to own such property.

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