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Criminal cases in Togliatti

What can be compared to the importance and complexity of criminal cases, which directly affect the fate of people, their freedom and money? A good lawyer will not allow violations of statutory norms and the rights of his client in the course of the investigation, will endeavour for making the most lenient sentence of the judicial act and ensure the protection of the property interests in case of future claims.

Turning to the lawyer in criminal cases, it is necessary to study his practice. If in practice the cases in which he acts as a defender prevail, it is worth considering whether he will be able to fully represent the interests of the victim, whether he knows so thoroughly the work to protect another party to the case.

An important factor that forms a complete picture of the profession – participation in all stages, which takes place the principal, starting with the investigation, ending with the appeal of the sentence, including entered into force.

Only such criminal lawyer, whose practice is diverse and sufficient, will be able to protect the rights and interests of the client as effectively as possible.

The status of a lawyer was obtained by me a long time ago. During this time, I have been able to gain extensive experience in the trial by defending the accused and representing the victims. With my clients, I went through all stages of the criminal process (from the moment when the criminal case was opened to its closure) and sought the abolition of illegal judicial acts.

In the law of Russia it is accepted to allocate following groups of crimes that result in the initiation of criminal proceedings against the individual, government, military service, in the economic sphere, against the peace and security. Each of the acts falling into this or that group possesses the features and nuances. In addition to knowledge of specific offences, a good lawyer should be able to analyse the situation, identify its nuances and use them to achieve a positive result or make efforts to neutralize their negative impact.

One of the most important areas of advocacy at the moment – the protection of business. Economically difficult time, tightening in some areas of legislation exerts its pressure on small and medium-sized businesses, forced to balance on the verge of ruin and criminal prosecution. In this regard, the number of crimes related to illegal business and arising from credit relations has increased. I have participated in the defence of accused persons for such crimes on many occasions, building a successful legal position.

Competent case management requires not only excellent knowledge of the substantive law, but also criminal process.

The latter includes all procedures carried out at the stage of investigation and trial. The lawyer, for his part, ensures compliance with the letter of the law and does not violate the interests of his client.

As a lawyer in criminal cases in Togliatti and Samara region, I am ready to provide professional assistance in all categories and types of criminal cases, ranging from theft to forgery.

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