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Civil cases

As a lawyer with many years of practice, I provide high-quality legal assistance to individuals and legal entities in Togliatti and Samara.

Depending on the complexity of the case you're handling, I can handle:

  • Consulting, at the same time you will act independently according to the received recommendations.
  • Work on your problem, including preparation of documents, meetings with officials, appeal to state bodies, participation in court sessions, communication with bailiffs.

In which cases should I contact a civilian lawyer?

  1. In the event of a dispute, regardless of which party you represent. The lawyer will prepare a statement of claim to the civil court, make motivated objections, legal position, indicate the range of evidence and a list of other actions.

  2. In case of conflict with a private organization or the state represented by its authorities (tax, bailiffs, illegal dismissal).

The key to successful solution of the problem – a quick appeal for help. .
The involvement of a lawyer in the civil process is carried out at any stage. However, the sooner a civilian lawyer starts working on your problem, the easier and faster the conflict will be resolved.

For citizens and organizations of all forms of ownership, I provide services such as:

  • resolution of disputes arising from credit relations, including mortgage lending;
  • protection of material interests in the court of compensation, includes:
     - damage caused to the car in an accident;
     - damage to the apartment in a case of flooding or fire;
     - damage to life or health.
  • conducting disputes with the state, including judicial refutation of acts of state bodies;
  • advice and assistance in inheritance, including the refutation of wills;
  • assistance in land disputes;
  • assistance in establishment of alimony obligations in contractual and judicial form, recovery of debt on alimony and other debt obligations;
  • consultation and participation in the resolution of family legal disputes, including divorce in court and division of property, these services can be provided without the participation of the client;
  • termination and invalidation of contracts (gift, purchase-sale, rent);
  • advice on labour and pension law, including assistance in dispute resolution;
  • representation of interests in bringing to administrative responsibility;
  • assistance in establishing the fact of acceptance of the inheritance, the presence of family relations, recognition of the deceased and other facts of legal importance;
  • assistance in alienation or acquisition of real estate: drafting a contract and its registration in the Federal registration Service;
  • assistance in registration of property relations between spouses (marriage contract, agreement on division of property);
  • assistance when buying low-quality goods.

I will assist you in the arbitration court, will make a complaint to the civil case, and will also help to create a homeowners Association or other legal entity.

For organizations, there is a subscription service, including consulting, contract analysis and other services.

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