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Bankruptcy of legal entities

Sometimes the situation is such that an enterprise or a company cannot continue its activities and pay debts to creditors due to lack of funds. What to do in this case? Bankruptcy of legal entities is a legal basis to write off accounts receivable. Legal support of the bankruptcy procedure of legal entities is a set of measures to protect the rights and interests of the client during the bankruptcy procedure.

A bankruptcy attorney provides the following services:

  • pre-bankruptcy counseling;
  • preparatory work;
  • support of the process at all stages.

How to file for bankruptcy LLC? This procedure consists of a set of specific actions:

  • submission of application to the relevant authorities;
  • consideration of the case in the arbitration court;
  • settlement of existing arrears;
  • liquidation of LLC, exclusion from the unified register.

Bankruptcy procedure of a legal entity

The procedure itself is long and complex, and without the help of a specialist in this matter is almost impossible to do. The process of bankruptcy of a company or enterprise may be initiated by the founders, owners or Director, its creditors or other interested persons.

Bankruptcy as a basis for liquidation of a legal entity is provided by the law and also allows to release it from civil and tax obligations that it is unable to fulfill.

Professional assistance of a lawyer for bankruptcy, provides the following range of services:

  • analysis of various risks: tax, reputation, criminal;
  • assessment of legal ways to declare a company bankrupt;
  • selection of a reliable arbitrator to conduct the proceedings ;
  • organization and conduct of negotiations on a settlement agreement;
  • support of the procedure at all stages.

During the process, an experienced lawyer will find effective ways to restore the financial well-being of the enterprise. In particular, it organizes the participation of the arbitration Manager in the bankruptcy case, bankruptcy proceedings, financial rehabilitation and will take other measures provided for by the law. The main task of the bankruptcy of the company with debts-to reach an amicable agreement.

As a lawyer, with considerable experience, I guarantee You:

  • qualified legal support;
  • professional protection against errors and various risks;
  • the appropriate cost of carrying out of bankruptcy of the company;
  • a way out of any, even the most difficult situations;
  • efficiency;
  • improvement of business or legal liquidation.

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