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The work of the organization is simple only at first glance. Starting from the moment of creation and ending with liquidation, the management of the organization requires compliance with corporate law, assistance in the legal registration of its activities, a possible representation in court.

Involving a lawyer in solving problems will simplify the task and speed up its solution.

The lawyer will provide expert assistance in the following areas:

  • Business organization. Creation of the company" from scratch " involves the choice of the form of activity, preparation of documents, meetings with a notary, opening a Bank account, the choice of the tax system. All these actions require preparation of a large package of documents.
  • Assistance in the implementation of corporate procedures and paperwork. Activity of any enterprise is performed on the basis of its Charter and internal acts which have to conform to the legislation. Their absence or improper drafting may have adverse consequences for the company, including an arbitration claim. The lawyer will check the existing papers and eliminate all risks.
  • Claim work. According to the changes in the legislation, the pre-trial procedure for settling a dispute is obligatory. The lawyer will help to develop the scheme of conflict resolution before filing a lawsuit in arbitration court, will prepare a complaint or review on it will hold talks with the company.
  • Representing interests in the arbitration court on disputes arising from construction contracts and other, if necessary, debt collection, appeal against acts of bodies and officials, corporate disputes.
  • Participation in the case before the court of General jurisdiction. In the case of organizations, such a dispute may arise when the defendant is a natural person, for example, the recovery of debts under receipts or loan agreements. Such cases have their own specifics and terms of consideration.
  • Contractual work. The contract is the basis of all relations with contractors, on the basis of its provisions, the performance of duties and accountability is carried out, an application is made to the arbitration court. Its terms should be treated carefully, especially if the price of the contract is significant. Therefore, before signing the contract, it is recommended to give to a lawyer who will identify all the risks and give recommendations for their elimination.
  • Consultancy. Sometimes in the work of the organization there are issues related to law enforcement. An oral or written explanation from counsel will enable the Manager to make a correct and informed decision.
  • Subscription service. It is proposed to organizations that have a large amount of legal work. It includes all the listed areas of work of the lawyer, which can be supplemented or changed.

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